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Enterprise-Led Security Services Driving Mobile Security Market

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ABI Research said in its latest report that the global mobile security market is expected to reach revenues of $10.7 billion by 2017.

Application and hardware security will form the foundation of this growth, but the mobile security market will be mostly driven by Enterprise-led security services.

According to the report, security services will chiefly target the enterprise sector as employers continue to assimilate mobile devices into their organizations. These services will include managed services, cloud-based security, endpoint management, security readiness assessments, penetration testing, and other professional services.

"Securely managing a growing number of devices within the enterprise is becoming a real issue as more and more workers use smartphones and tablets to perform core company tasks," said ABI Research senior analyst, Michela Menting. "The different phone brands, operating systems and versions place a growing burden on IT staff, often requiring separate security solutions to be tailored to each device type."

The firm said that certain organizations will increase spending in-house to address this issue, but many will simply opt to take advantage of the growing market in mobile security services from specialized third-party providers. Even more, the European market will show strong demand for comprehensive services, including remote security management and technical support, the firm said.

"This market data details revenue forecasts for 2012 to 2017 for three submarkets: mobile application security, mobile device hardware security, and mobile security services," ABI Research said. "Each submarket is further divided into segments. A regional breakdown of each submarket is also calculated for the forecasted period."

The market data also contains figures on the current growth of mobile malware, including threats by type (Trojans, Backdoors), by affected platform (Android, Java ME), and by top targeted countries. The figures also detail the number of downloads of stand-alone mobile security apps by vendor, the company said.

These findings provided by ABI Research are part of its Mobile Security Research Service which includes additional Competitive Analyses, Vendor Matrices, Market Data, Research Analyses, and Insights. For more information about ABI Research, head here.

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