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VMware Introduces Enterprise Purchasing Program

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VMware has launched a new token-based service, expanding upon its current Volume Purchasing Program.VMware has launched a new token-based service, expanding upon its current Volume Purchasing Program.VMware on Monday launched the VMware Enterprise Purchasing Program (EPP), a new token-based service that expands on the company's current VMware Volume Purchasing Program (VPP).

Through authorized VMware partners, customers can now globally purchase software licenses in volume at a rapid pace while benefiting from the program's cost savings, ease-of-procurement and deployment flexibility. VMware said the new program offers customers a variety of incentives, beginning with significant deployment flexibility, access to the latest product releases, and value on VMware products and services.

"The program also offers customers the ability to mix and match products and purchase at any time (within a three-year term) allowing them to adjust their deployment strategy based on business and project needs," the company said. "In addition, customers have the option of centralized or de-centralized management enabling them to grant tokens to support different departments or projects as needed."

For VMware partners, the new program provides "an extended incentive model, facilitates longer-term customer relationships, and helps grow their businesses," the company added.

To get started with VMware EPP, customers must enroll via the VMware Purchasing Programs page. After that, the EPP Configurator will estimate their need for VMware products over a three year period and the associated number of tokens (which can be purchased through VMware authorized EPP partners). The My VMware portal will then allow customers to view, manage and redeem their tokens.

"With VMware EPP, we are making it easier, faster and more advantageous for customers seeking to purchase VMware products and services," said Ryan Knauss, vice president, Pricing and Licensing, VMware. "This new program offers customers cost savings, flexibility and ease of management to help them efficiently acquire the products and services required to support their business needs. VMware partners will benefit from a deeper engagement with customers by assisting with product deployment and through increased transaction velocity."

For more information about VMware EPP, head here. To locate an authorized VMware Partner, head here.

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