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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9 beta Announced

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9 packings new ingredients and updates to several current features. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9 packings new ingredients and updates to several current features.

Red Hat announced on Monday that the beta of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9 is now available to download.

According to Red Hat, the new beta includes several updates to the existing Red Hat Enterprise Linux features, as well as new functionality for visualization and networking. The beta also offers new support for standards, certifications and security – features that support Red Hat Subscription Management – and additional capabilities for developers. There's also support for some of the latest platforms from various hardware partners.

The beta release is part of Red Hat’s commitment to a 10-year stable Life Cycle for major releases like Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. It takes advantage of the new drivers for Microsoft Hyper-V which recently was accepted by the upstream Linux community. This support allows customers to run Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9 as a virtual guest on Hyper-V with improved performance.

"The general availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9 will mark the end of Production phase 1 of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Life Cycle," the company said. "The Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform’s 10-year Life Cycle enables customers with existing hardware and software investments to confidently and securely remain on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 until they are ready to migrate to a new version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux – or until the conclusion of the product's Extended Life Phase."

Red Hat provided a list of features in the new beta which include:

  • Support for the latest CPU, chip set, and device driver enhancements from leading hardware vendors.
  • Support for the latest U.S. government password policy requirements.
  • Support for using FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) mode with dmraid root devices.
  • Customers can develop and test with the latest version of open source Java with the introduction of OpenJDK 7.
  • SystemTap improvements including compile-server and client support for IPv6 networks, smaller SystemTap files and more.
  • Includes a new rsyslog5 package which upgrades rsyslog to major version 5.
  • Samba has been updated to version 3.6 and includes fully featured SMB2 support, a reworked print server, and security default improvements for all versions of Samba.
  • Customers can easily run Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9 as a guest on top of Microsoft Hyper-V, providing enhanced interoperability in a Windows environment.
  • Includes the Microsoft Hyper-V Linux drivers, which were recently accepted upstream Linux community. By default customers will use Red Hat Subscription Management as an enhanced subscription management capability using X.509 certificates.

"At Red Hat, we appreciate the support we receive from our partners and customers that work closely with us to develop and deliver the highest quality open source enterprise platform available today," the company said.

To access and download the Beta for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9, head here.

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