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Slideshow: The Top Tech Conferences for IT

Slideshow: The Top Tech Conferences for IT
Find The Right Conference For You

Nobody wants to be trapped in a hotel ballroom and spoon-fed endless hours of irrelevant PowerPoint presentations. Don’t let your manager send you to the wrong conference. Check out our list of the most well-regarded tech shows that offer something to the IT professional. They range from the nuts-and-bolts practical to the big-picture philosophical,  tiny elite gatherings to the biggest conferences on earth, and span nearly every enterprise industry under the sun. Though most of the premier IT cons take place in the fourth quarter of the calendar year (right now!), there are plenty to attend in the Spring as well. California--unsurprisingly--is home to many tech conventions, but New York, Las Vegas, and China see their fair share. And if you have to travel for work, that’s not a shoddy list of venues.

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