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Government Cloud Computing Still Facing Education Obstacles

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Survey an increasing interest in cloud computing among government agencies.

Survey an increasing interest in cloud computing among government agencies.Survey an increasing interest in cloud computing among government agencies.

IDCA survey conducted by IDC found that there is an increasing interest in cloud computing among government agencies, but roadblocks need to be removed before the adoption can take off.

90 percent of the government employees and respondents to a survey said that cloud technology will have some impact on their computing infrastructure. Local governments are most skeptical about the effect of the cloud and 14.7 percent said that cloud computing was not important to them at all. 15.2 percent said they would dedicate somewhere between 1 and 10 percent of their IT budget to deploy to cloud technology and services.

On the downside, there appears to be a strong need for education of what cloud services can deliver. Only 60 percent of CFOs noted they were familiar with their organization's cloud strategy, and IDC concluded that many agencies lacked knowledge of cloud budgeting. Also, it seems as if most of those surveyed are still stuck in a phase of evaluation on how cloud services could benefit their IT environment.

"Survey data indicates that significant progress already has been made for cloud services, but overall progress will only accelerate once several important issues have been addressed," said Shawn McCarthy, an IDC research director. The survey was conducted in spring of this year and covered more than 400 IT employees in government institutions.

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