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This Week On Tom's IT Pro: Four Roads to Lowering IT Management Costs, Cartoon: King on IT: BlackBerry Gets Back in the Ring, The Four BYOD Integration Challenges, SAM in the ITIL Lifecycle Vs. SAM in the ISO Model, VIDEO: Threat Prevention: Exactly What Is It?, and more.

Consider the orders of magnitude (and sheer manufacturing prowess) required to morph the very first 4-Bit microprocessors into the multicore powerhouses we use today. 

IT training and certification guru Ed Tittel advises those over 55 looking for work in IT. 

Announces new supercomputing server, the GS-R22PHL, designed with high performance and energy efficiency in mind.

While virtualization is supposed to help simplify IT environments, there is one aspect that virtualization can complicate – licensing.

Four Roads to Lowering IT Management Costs

Pursue these strategic paths to free up maintenance resources and apply them in more effective areas that benefit the organization’s long-term goals.

More securely protect business and personal apps and data.

PBXs are good systems. But UC suites can do a lot more for less. 

What unified communications means and why it’s necessary. 

Cartoon: King on IT: BlackBerry Gets Back in the Ring

BlackBerry training hard to get back into fighting shape so it can challenge current heavyweight smartphone and tablet champs Google and Apple.

Network administrators can streamline the troubleshooting process by deploying automated monitoring systems. 

A visual walk through the history of Intel processors from the early 1970s to today.

Plans to open source Ethernet switches in an effort to gain an edge in an era of software defined networking and open source software. 

IBM's Jeopardy-winning supercomputer to become the basis of a series of revenue-generating products.

The Four BYOD Integration Challenges

Careful planning across all involved interest groups will deliver a straight forward strategy to adopt BYOD.

Our favorite PETs to maintain security and privacy online. 

As with an IT project, you cut corners in a UC deployment at your own peril. So be careful. 

IDC study finds a high correlation between blade platform adoption and lower per user infrastructure costs among a wide range of businesses. 

The ability to monitor applications to detect and respond to problems is becoming a must have capability for the seasoned IT pro. 

What business processes you should and shouldn't place up in the cloud.

SAM in the ITIL Lifecycle Vs. SAM in the ISO Model

We examine where Software Asset Management fits within the ISO network management model versus its role in the ITIL lifecycle model. 

Finding the right balance of licensing as much software as needed, but not more, is one of the challenges addressed by software license management. 

This Buyer's Guide discusses how to right-size your SAM solution and evaluate capable SAM candidates, as well as how to deploy your chosen SAM in an enterprise setting. 

Together, these disciplines are important because they provide important outward- and inward-facing functions to help avoid or mitigate risk, ensure compliance, and lower the burden on service or helpdesk operations. 

Using SAM to Control Software Costs and Minimize Risk

ROI for a software asset management tool is easy to compute, and must be based on streamlining IT operations through automated software deployment and right-sizing enterprise licensing volumes. 

Save your company on software licensing costs while helping to avoid legal costs related to software licensing violations with a software asset management tool.

This article outlines some of the external private cloud vendor options available today.

Networks are the backbone of IT service delivery. So when the network experiences problems, application performance can suffer. 

The benefits of taking unified communications mobile. 

VIDEO: Threat Prevention: Exactly What Is It?

We look at three sets of threat prevention products that will protect your environment at different levels of enterprise IT.

Windows Azure SQL Database an appealing cloud-based alternative for those more concerned with business processes and applications than maintaining backend storage systems. 

Microsoft has made another move to bump up Windows Azure's appeal in the cloud services market.

IBM decides to move hundreds of server manufacturing jobs from its long time location in Rochester, Minnesota to Guadalajara, Mexico.

Don't let your organization become a cautionary tale about poor encryption policy. 

Slideshow: The History of the Desktop Operating System

Join us for a journey back in time and meet those operating systems that laid the foundation for the computer as we know it today.

There's more to UC adoption than may meets the eye. 

Networks need to be simpler, flatter and more capable of meeting the high-scale demands of dynamic workloads.

Enterprise mobile devices are proliferating like rabbits in the spring. Rachel Rosmarin tells you how to keep them under control.

IT pros are finding that as networks grow in complexity, so does their maintenance and troubleshooting chores. 

VIDEO: Understanding Unified Communications

Learn about Unified Communications and training opportunities in this growing area so vital to business success. 

Preventing data loss is a best practice approach to avoiding potential breach, damage, or loss of confidential, private, or proprietary information.

Make better better decisions by following these basic steps for objective IT product evaluations. 

Get the right people, processes and procedures in place to enjoy continual success with your software compliance initiative.

IDC research reveals smartphone and tablet growth has not only outpaced .

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