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BiTMicro Announces maxIO Next Generation SSD for Enterprise

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BiTMicro Intros maxIO Next Generation SSD for EnterpriseBiTMicro Intros maxIO Next Generation SSD for Enterprise

BiTMICRO recently said that it had completed the first production units of its new enterprise-class SSD, the maxIO PCIe SSD.

This new SSD features the company's Talino Architecture which integrates its Quad-Core Talino ASIC, delivering 400,000 random 4KB IOPS on a single controller.

"BiTMICRO has designed its maxIO line of SSD products for virtualization, tiered storage, high performance computing, business intelligence, and other enterprise applications," the company said. "MaxIO PCIe SSD comes equipped with patented flash management, data recovery technology, full data path protection and its patented PowerGuard power failure backup technology and advanced security features."

The company said the Talino controller is integrated with multiple high-speed serial on-chip buses and embedded processors, allowing high-speed data transfers between the SSD and the host computer. This helps make the maxIO PCIe-based SSD ideal for applications like big data, cloud computing, streaming, data warehousing and more.

The initial product release will consist of a full height, half-length PCIe solid state accelerator (SSA) using eMLC flash (multi-level cells designed for low error rates, aka enterprise MLC) so that it can be scaled up to a maximum of 4.5 TB. Later the company will offer versions with SLC and MLC NAND flash, followed by the release of maxIO PCIe Low Profile and maxIO 2.5-inch SAS SSDs.

Solid state accelerators are typically used to alleviate I/O bottlenecks thus accelerating the overall performance of cloud computing environments, workstations and more. Data latency is lowered, and response times are predictable and fast. Even more, there are no RAID controller delays due to the direct PCIe connection.

"These first maxIO SSDs begin BiTMICRO’s entry into the enterprise market," said Zophar Sante, VP of Marketing and Sales. "For over a decade we have designed and manufactured SSDs for highly demanding defense and industrial customers. We’re leveraging our experience with mission-critical applications to deliver new feature-rich, high performance and extremely durable SSDs to the enterprise."

For more information about the new line of maxIO enterprise-based SSDs, head here.

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