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Red Hat Intros Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 Beta

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Red Hat Intros Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 BetaRed Hat Intros Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 BetaOn Tuesday of last week, Red Hat announced the beta availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4.

This new beta release includes a number of updates to the platform's feature set as well as new functionality in several areas including identity management, file system, virtualization, storage and productivity tools. To download, you'll need to create an account with Red Hat first.

"Through this next beta release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, Red Hat is proud to deliver the highest quality open source enterprise platform," the company said. "We look to the community, our partners and customers for feedback to ensure Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 follows this path."

According to a list of changes and improvements, enhancements to the System Security Services Daemon (SSSD) improve the interoperability experience with Microsoft Active Directory. On the file system front, the pNFS (Parallel NFS) client (file layout only) remains in technology preview, but it now delivers performance improvements with the addition of Direct I/O for faster data access.

The company also said that Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 now comes packed with Microsoft Hyper-V Linux drivers. There's also installation support for VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V para-virtualization drivers, and support for KVM virtualization virtio-scsi, a new industry storage architecture.

In regards to new management features, the use of swap functionality over NFS now enables more efficient read/write tradeoffs between local system memory and remote disks. There are also enhancements in c-groups, and an optimized perf tool for the latest Intel processors.

"Through collaboration with partners, customers and the open source community, we are committed to delivering technology that is tested and stable – including in the beta phase of development," the company said. "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 demonstrates this commitment and has been designed for optimized performance, stability and flexibility to cater to today’s diverse workloads running in physical, virtual and cloud environments."

For the entire list of key features and enhancements, head here. Access to the beta release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 is available here:

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