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Slideshow: Top 10 Cities for IT Jobs

Slideshow: Top 10 Cities for IT Jobs

If you look carefully at the top cities in the US for general job growth, you can’t get away from the realization that size matters. It’s no accident that for a whole range of current general job surveys – including those from CIO magazine, Business Insider,, CBS News, and Forbes magazine – at least 70% of the cities in those surveys also appear in the list of the top US cities by population. To mangle a quote misattributed to bank robber Willie Sutton, this phenomenon occurs “because that’s where the people are.” So, if you want to go looking for an IT job outside your current environs, it’s never a completely bad idea to factor in large metro areas anywhere in the country when considering where to go next. What’s interesting about our list here is that 7 of 10 of the cities and metro areas we mention don’t belong to the list of top 10 cities simply by virtue of their size. Here, only the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex at number 9, the Bay Area (which includes San Jose at number 10, San Francisco, and a whole slew of smaller towns near the coast of the San Francisco bay, and Houston at number 4, make the grade. Those three truly big cities, plus the other 7 cities and areas on our list, have earned inclusion because they have shown higher-than-average job growth in information technology and high-tech industries. These areas generally combine an upwardly mobile, younger population, highly regarded colleges, universities, and research institutions, and favorable cost of living indices. When people move to these towns, they will more often stay on rather than chase other jobs to other locales.

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