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webMethods 9.0 Unites Cloud, Social, Mobile and Big Data Tech

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Software AG has updated its webMethods suite with new products.Software AG has updated its webMethods suite with new products.

Software AG recently released the latest version of its webMethods product suite.

This update brings the suite to version 9.0, and focuses on uniting the management of Big Data from any source with automated business processes and applications deployed in the cloud, on mobile devices, or in-house.

"By combining In-memory, Cloud, Mobile and Social technologies, webMethods 9.0 allows customers to have micro-second access to huge amounts of data, distributing the relevant information to any device and providing the required level of business responsiveness to successfully react to new business opportunities," the company said.

Software AG said that webMethods 9.0 is now tightly integrated with Terracotta – a leading in-memory technology for enterprise Big Data – which brings scalability to webMethods customers. The new update also enables local or distributed data caching, allowing the suite to process very large XML documents directly in-memory, increasing performance and reducing programming complexity.

In addition to Terracotta support, the suite now provides a new product called webMethods CloudStreams which allows customers to integrate SaaS applications with other on-premise and other SaaS applications, and govern their integration. webMethods Command Central is also a new product, allowing customers to provision and control functionality to streamline deployment options in hybrid cloud environments.

According to Software AG, webMethods Command Central provides operational visibility and control across the entire webMethods landscape. It can also start/stop environments such as webMethods Integration Server, webMethods Broker and My webMethods Server. Users can even configure environments, and gain the visibility needed to compare configurations, version levels and fix levels across the webMethods landscape.

"The new webMethods Mobile Suite provides a high level of security for interactive mobile applications," the company added. "Organizations can quickly build and distribute mobile applications, allowing only authorized users and devices on their networks and preventing malicious threats. Employees, customers and trading partners can now interact with the enterprises’ IT systems from anywhere in a secure distributed environment."

On the social front, the suite's new webMethods Pulse adds real-time information and event streams, enabling collaborative actions and responses. This is done instantly, independent of location or preferred device, the company said.

Finally there's webMethods Active Transfer which simplifies the process of setting up and managing file transfers with trading partners. Users get a centralized solution that handles all file transfers which in turn helps companies meet their file transfer-related SLAs. It also provides advanced security and access control mechanisms to secure and safeguard mission critical data.

An early customer access program for webMethods 9.0 is scheduled for later in Q4 2012, followed by a general availability starting in Q1 2013. For more information, check out this PDF brochure here.

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