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HP Advances SDN with Integrated 3-Layer Control Plane

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HP Advances SDN with Integrated 3-Layer Control PlaneHP Advances SDN with Integrated 3-Layer Control Plane

HP has introduced new Software Defined Network (SDN) technologies spanning three layers that is simplified into one control plane.

Enterprises and cloud providers can now simplify and maximize agility across data center, campus and branch networks thanks to HP's new open-standards-based software-defined network technologies. This new tech spans infrastructure, control software and application layers using a single "control plane."

"The new HP technologies cover all layers by including an SDN controller, and SDN applications, services and solutions that further strengthen HP’s Virtual Application Networks strategy," HP said earlier this week. "As a result, clients can achieve the full potential of SDN technologies through the abstraction, programming and automation of their network to improve scalability and agility, while simplifying the deployment of applications and services."

HP said that it is the first to offer SDN technologies for all three critical layers. The infrastructure layer delivers open programmable access through OpenFlow, a networking protocol that automates hardware configurations. The control-software layer creates a centralized view of the network, and the application layer delivers open programmable interfaces to automate applications across the network.

"New SDN functionality in the infrastructure layer enables clients to simplify network configuration. HP today announced nine additional switch models providing OpenFlow-enabled support for HP FlexNetwork architecture, offering clients a flexible and programmable standards-based interface," the company said.

As for the control layer, HP's new Virtual Application Networks SDN Controller abstracts the physical hardware from the logical deployment, providing a centralized view and automating network configuration of all devices in the infrastructure. Network administrators can now easily and flexibly program and scale their network environment for single-touch automated applications.

Meanwhile, the application layer features HP's new Virtual Cloud Networks software which enables cloud providers to deliver automated and scalable public cloud services to enterprises. HP has also included its new Sentinel Security software application which automates network access control and intrusion prevention security for enterprise campus networks with existing OpenFlow-enabled switch hardware through HP’s controller.

HP also announced the industry's first SDN services portfolio "focused on people, process and technology." The new SDN services include the HP Transformation Experience Workshop, the HP Network Provisioning Baseline Assessment Service, and the HP SDN Proof of Concept Service.

Availability is scheduled as follows:

  • HP Virtual Application Networks SDN Controller – available worldwide by the second half of 2013.
  • HP Virtual Cloud Networks Application – available worldwide by the second half of 2013.
  • HP Sentinel Security Application is currently available as an early access program to select customers.
  • OpenFlow support is currently available on HP Networking switches as a software upgrade.
  • HP SDN services will be available worldwide early 2013. Pricing varies according to location and implementation.

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