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Tom's IT Pro: About Us

Tom's IT Pro: About Us

Tom’s IT Pro offers buying guides, product reviews, news analysis, how-to articles and case studies with the hopes of helping you make informed buying decisions regarding business technology, and helping you use that tech to the fullest. We cover cloud computing, mobility, security, business management, certifications, training, big data and data centers, as well as other business hardware.

Our Mission

Tom’s IT Pro is an understandable and relatable resource for IT decision makers. It provides information and tools to accelerate complex technology decision-making in modern, small-to-medium businesses. We help organizations find and evaluate the key technology and latest cloud products & services that foster efficiency and agility.

Our History

Tom’s IT Pro was founded in February 2011, and comes from the team that also brings you Tom’s Hardware and Tom’s Guide. In 1996, Dr. Thomas Pabst started Tom’s Hardware as a hobby. The website became a popular source for benchmarks and guides on how to build and improve computer systems. Today, Tom’s IT Pro, which is geared toward the IT professional at small to medium businesses, continues a legacy of integrity, transparency and authority in the tech community.

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