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Acer S231HL Bid, Dell S2330MX, LG IPS236V, & Samsung S23A550H LCDs

Roundup: Four 23-Inch LCD Monitors Battle It Out

Acer S231HL Bid

23-Inch Acer LCD Monitor23-Inch Acer LCD Monitor

The 23” S231HL Bid is, as its name implies, part of Acer's S series, which presents an ultra-thin profile in a piano black finish.

At $150, this is still a very budget oriented LCD, though. As best we can tell, the S231HL Bid is a slightly smaller version of the previously-reviewed 24” S242HL Bid. Both monitors have HDMI, VGA, and DVI connections, and employ the same OSD menu. 

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The style and contouring of the display frame is similar, with one exception. On the S242HL Bid, the power-on LED was located just below the Acer logo. The S231HL Bid's on switch sits just below the power button.

Dell S2330MX

23-Inch Dell LCD Monitor23-Inch Dell LCD Monitor

The S2330MX is Dell’s answer to growing demand for cheaper LED-based LCDs. That might be a surprise to enthusiasts, given Dell's history with its premium UltraSharp product line. However, lots of experience manufacturing very popular displays is exactly what makes the S2330MX an interesting option to us.

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Admittedly, when we unpacked this monitor, we couldn’t help but notice its thinner plastic bezel framing the screen, contributing to a cheaper look and feel. But the S2330MX has all of the other hallmarks of a Dell display. Its touchscreen buttons are labeled with simple dots, and the OSD menu is identical to what you see on Dell’s pricier offerings.


LG 23-Inch LCD MonitorLG 23-Inch LCD Monitor

It’s uncommon to find an IPS panel in a 23” monitor. That’s what makes the IPS236V unique (in addition to its slightly higher price tag). Most 23” monitors use TN panels because they cost less to make. However, twisted nematic technology is often derided for its poor color production and viewing angles, two weaknesses that IPS doesn't share. As a result, the IPS236V could have an inherent advantage that makes it worth the price premium.

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LG’s IPS236V has a solid feel thanks to its hefty base and thick stand. Our only compliant is the simplistic OSD menu, which isn't as polished as some of LG's less-expensive competition.

Samsung S23A550H

The S23A550H hails from Samsung’s Class 550 product line and sports the typical reddish-black thin frame, dubbed Touch Of Color (ToC) Rose Black. 

The monitors in this family that lack tuners include a built-in Pyrolectric Infrared Ray (PIR) sensor that automatically detects your presence in front of the screen, allowing it to automatically dim and power off when you get up. Once the sensor picks up a nearby viewer, it powers back up. Consequently, power consumption stays as low as possible. This feature is partly what makes the S23A550H a premium TN-based display.