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Cisco to Automate Network Optimization with Intucell’s SON Software

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isco to Automate Network Optimization with Intucell’s SON Softwareisco to Automate Network Optimization with Intucell’s SON Software

Last week Cisco recenlty announced plans to acquire Intucell, an Israeli company specializing in automatic network optimization applications comprised in their Self Optimizing Network (SON) solution.

Intucell’s SON technology will help further Cisco’s goals to innovate mobile networking technologies by addressing the demand for an improved architecture of the Radio Access Network (RAN). SON’s strengths lie in providing real time RAN radio frequency visibility and automation of the management and optimization of network elements. Built as a centralized system, SON’s optimizations translate into improved QoS and lower deployment and operational costs.   

Although the concept of self-organizing networks isn’t new, Intucell has made strides in recent years to develop their solution by focusing on self-optimization. SON utilizes the network’s OSS data to automatically optimize the applications that are responsible for delivering better network coverage, lower congestion and reducing dropped calls, among others. The start-up was able to successfully test SON’s utilization through AT&T for close to a year now, reporting 10% reduction in dropped calls and 15% reduction in loaded cell sites.

Cisco’s plans to acquire Intucell are in line with their recent investments in Cariden, makers of a network traffic-management software, Cloupia, a cloud automation and management software provider and Meraki, which offers cloud managed networking solutions. The three deals which all closed within a two month period at the end of 2012 translate into a $1.5 billion expense for Cisco. And with the recent Intucell announcement, it looks like the networking giant isn’t stopping anytime soon.

The $475 million acquisition planned for April 2013 will include the business and operations of Intucell including the Research and Development center in Israel as well as offices in the US, UK and Singapore.

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