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Adaptiva Optimizes Visibility, Security and Performance Of OneSite SCCM Add-On

By - Source: Adaptiva

Adaptiva announced the latest version of the OneSite add-on for Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). OneSite 4.5 delivers enhanced visibility and security features, while performance improvements make it faster for global enterprises to perform server-less software deployments at scale. The new version offers enhanced views of WAN optimization, Network Access Control, and security integration. Adaptiva OneSite 4.5 now offers seamless software updates and intelligent global content distribution.

"It is a testament to the OneSite platform that many of the world's largest financial institutions, manufacturing leaders and healthcare providers rely on our technology to perform massive system updates, and their input is deeply reflected in our new software," said Deepak Kumar, CTO and founder of Adaptiva. "The emphasis on visibility, security and global scalability in version 4.5 gives Adaptiva customers a distinct advantage, and we will continue to deliver innovations of this caliber."

Adaptiva reinvented SCCM with OneSite, allowing companies to run SCCM from a single site by aggregating unused disk and compute capacity into virtual servers, eliminating the need for SCCM Distribution Points or other on-site servers. OneSite's virtual network topology is used to optimize transfer over global WANs and local LANs.

OneSite 4.5 features the OneSite Update Manager, which streamlines software updates by allowing customers to generate a single customized smart patch directly from the OneSite software itself. OneSite 4.5 enables global roaming across multiple SCCM sites by sensing where a computer or mobile device is and intelligently retrieving content based on location.

A WAN Performance Visualizer allows customers to test an application using customizable network load scenarios to assess the impact on WAN traffic and to view app responsiveness. A new Cache Migration tool migrates content at each location from SCCM caches into OneSite's Virtual SAN, speeding and simplifying OneSite deployment. Predictive Bandwidth Harvesting can now predict usage faster, with higher accuracy, while retaining the responsiveness of the previous version.