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Agentless Monitoring: AdRem's NetCrunch 8 Released

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

AdRem Software, a company headquartered in Krakow, Poland with an office in New York, recently announced NetCrunch 8, the agentless, cross-platform network monitoring software. Attendees at this year's Interop Las Vegas will get a chance to preview enhancements to version 7 functionality as well as new features, including advanced network baselining and increased monitoring coverage via the new NetCrunch Open Monitor.

With network security assurances in higher demand than ever before, from both customers and business owners, AdRem's release signals a continued drive by security retailers to meet that need.  As IT ecosystems grow and the pipelines connecting customers to businesses, and businesses to their resources, expand and become more complicated, applications like NetCrunch seek to be part of the solution. Cloud computing complexity, seemingly endless connectivity data, and multiple remote sites all tied together are bringing businesses with an online presence to consider more sophisticated network monitoring applications that not only monitor traffic and logs, but can paint an easy-to-read picture of the current state. NetCrunch 8 seeks to provide small and medium-sized businesses just that with its rich feature set.

NetCrunch 8 is designed to monitor and troubleshoot multiple devices on any network, including computers, switches, printers, video cameras, sensor devices, security systems and just about any device that is connected to the network. NetCrunch users have the ability to easily create monitoring and alerting rules, avoiding detailed and arduous per-device configurations. With additional features like smart monitoring, inventory, performance monitoring and encryption, IT organizations can map out and control their heterogeneous network ecosystems from a single point of administration. In addition to auto-discovery, physical and logical network topology views, network self-healing, event management, performance monitoring, remote access and more, AdRem Software adds affordability and easy deployment to the list of reasons to check out NetCrunch 8.

"NetCrunch is the only monitoring solution that integrates such a broad range of intelligent features.  This is why it’s trusted by over 2,500 companies in 87 countries to monitor more than 1.5 million devices," says Tomasz Kunicki, AdRem Software founder and CEO. Such companies include the UNICEF Polish National Committee where one network administrator recalls, "We hadn't been receiving any information about network problems with network services served by our servers (DNS, DHCP, MySQL). Monitoring and reporting offered by NetCrunch successfully resolved that issue." Additionally, Martin Silverman, director of IT for EvensonBest, notes "NetCrunch is the Swiss Army Knife for network managers wanting to know how their networks and devices are performing. We rely on it every single day."

NetCrunch 8 includes:

    - Broader monitoring coverage:

  •    Agentless Linux process monitoring, connected user and open files;
  •    Advanced web and file monitor;
  •    100+ predefined monitoring packs for centralized control of monitoring settings;
  •    3,000 new management information bases (MIBs), totaling 5,000+;
  •    SNMP v3 trap receiving and forwarding support.

    - Advanced, self-learning baselining -- detailed baseline creation for each hour and day of the week
    - Intelligent alerts correlation -- user-defined event closure for both internal and external events.

Visit AdRem Software to learn more about NetCrunch:

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