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This Week On Tom's IT Pro: Slideshow: Rugged Tech for the Enterprise, Making It in IT: Advice for a Veteran IT Pro Without a Degree, APT: How to Defend Your Network Against Advanced Persistent Threats, Mind the Gap: IT - The Times They Are A-Changin , Floating Point Accelerators: Does IT Finally Get A Free Lunch?, and more.

Redhat announced the availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.9, a minor release of the platform.

Expanding rackmount NAS product line with two new entry-level models.

Ed Tittel advises a 55-year old IT professional who never got a degree or any certification other than a CNE 3 /4 and ComTIA + PC Technician.

Slideshow: Rugged Tech for the Enterprise

Here are 17 examples of toughened-up gear that can survive military field operations and office park party fouls.

IDC study finds a high correlation between blade platform adoption and lower per user infrastructure costs among a wide range of businesses. 

Thinking about getting certified or that tech blog you keep putting off? Both are kind of tough to start on due to not having the right equipment.

Helium-Filled Enterprise HDDs Could Reach 6 TB Capacity

Western Digital is hoping to gain an edge in the enterprise hard drive market by rolling out helium-filled, sealed drives.

Survey finds expectation of cost reduction is the main reason why business consider a move to the cloud.

Tim Berners-Lee set up first WWW server in at CERN in December 1991. 

Businesses deploying converged infrastructure technologies in integrated solutions that more tightly align and even accelerate the value of information technology to help drive better business results.

APT: How to Defend Your Network Against Advanced Persistent Threats

Is resistance against Advanced Persistent Threats really futile?

In the past, IT has been the gatekeeper to technology for the business, mainly because we were the only people who lived it every day. That is no longer true. 

The growth of the security appliance market is visibly decelerating, according to IDC. 

Research in Motion (RIM) is further streamlining its business with a surprising sale of its cloud business unit Newbay to mobile software developer Synchronoss for $55.5 million in cash.

Floating Point Accelerators: Does IT Finally Get A Free Lunch?

Floating point acceleration key to huge top-end performance jump in the world's fastest supercomputers.

Calxeda apparently putting some effort in attracting business from the storage server market.

Market research firm Gartner said that the uncertainties surrounding global economic growth are likely to subside in 2013 and lay the foundation for increases in IT spending this year.

Brain dumps are pretty constant, if unwanted and unattractive feature of the IT certification landscape.

Slideshow: The Ten Most Influential People in IT

The most transformative leaders and visionaries working in enterprise technology today.

The enterprise world is knee-deep in making the transition from 1 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) to 10 Gigabit Ethernet. 

No single day passes without millions of people making use of one of the many features offered by cloud computing.

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