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StorTrends Releases New All-Flash Arrays At 50 Cents Per Gigabyte

By - Source: StorTrends

AMI StorTrends announced general availability of its new 3600i and 3610i all-flash SAN arrays at CeBIT 2015. StorTrends is making a splash with a low 50 cents-per-GB price and unlimited write endurance for its inaugural all-flash offering.

StorTrends may not be the most recognizable name, but its parent company American Megatrends (AMI) has been a force in computing since 1985. If you have booted a computer, odds are you have seen the American Megatrends logo shoot by as the BIOS loads, as its BIOS is in over 65 percent of computers. StorTrends has been building its storage credentials for the last seven years and now has 163 patents and 1,300-plus installs that began with traditional spindled SAN products, but evolved into the hybrid segment with the 3500i.

The 3600i comes with two Intel quad-core processors, 64 GB of memory, and a maximum storage capacity of 64 TB. The 3610i employs four Intel quad-core processors, 192 GB of memory, and a maximum storage capacity of 256 TB. The SANs are available in over 300 configurations and provide 300,000-plus IOPS along with sub-1 ms latency.

The arrays utilize a split-tier approach that exploits the advantages of both read-centric and write-centric SSDs to deliver a low overall price point. StorTrends also offers unlimited write endurance for five years without workload restrictions, capacity limitations or performance throttling.

The write tier absorbs all data written to the SAN and consists of eMLC SAS SSDs that feature a 10 DWPD endurance rating. Data sent to the read tier, which consists of standard MLC SSDs, is packaged to reduce wear. Enlift Cache algorithms promote and evict data automatically between the two tiers to ensure the highest performance and come with standard settings that address the majority of customers. This reduces overbearing management requirements found in many manually-controlled systems. Users also have the option for more granular control and can tune caching/tiering parameters to suit their unique environment.

Protecting data is always an utmost concern for any storage solution, and the SANs support RAID 5, 6, 10 and 60 and active/active features. Each tier supports separate RAID configurations. Read-tier SSDs are available in 120 GB, 240 GB, 480 GB and 960 GB capacities, and write-tier SSDs are available in 200 GB, 400 GB, 800 GB and 2 TB capacities.

StorTrends also offers inline deduplication (4 KB level) and employs an efficient tiering mechanism that reduces system RAM requirements. Competing systems can use up to double the amount of RAM for deduplication services, which increases cost. StorTrends' system promotes and evicts portions of the dedupe table between RAM and SSDs to reduce RAM load. Due to the efficient design, it still manages to conduct 95 percent of hashing and lookup operations in RAM. StorTrends also employs compression algorithms to increase storage efficiency. 

A web-based GUI provides single pane of glass management and displays free space, dedupe ratios, system health and granular performance monitoring. StorTrends also offers the iDATA Analysis Tool to examine capacity utilization, IOPS usage, reads vs. writes for volumes, network bandwidth, performance and server statistics to classify the amount of "hot data" and "cold data" required in the environment. This assists customers in selecting the correct solution for their needs.

The products also offer advanced snapshots and encryption, and are VMware-, Citrix-, and Microsoft-Certified. The StorTrends 3600i all-flash array is available now with an MSRP of $24,999.