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Amazon Web Services Redshift Now Available To All Customers

By - Source: AWS

AWS Redshift Now Available To All CustomersAWS Redshift Now Available To All Customers

Amazon has moved Awazon Web Services Redshift out of limited access and is now offering the cloud-based data warehouse service to all customers.

According to the company, Redshift clusters can scale from "a few hundred gigabytes" to "a petabyte or more" and can be managed directly from the AWS Management Console.

Amazon claims that Redshift clusters can be launched with "just a few mouse clicks" while traditional "data warehouses require significant time and resource to administer". Redshift, however, can lower the cost of a data warehouse and simplifies the task of analyzing large amounts of data, the company promises. Redshift is priced at "less than $1,000 per terabyte per year."

"When we set out to build Amazon Redshift, we wanted to leverage the massive scale of AWS to deliver ten times the performance at 1/10 the cost of on-premise data warehouses in use today," said Raju Gulabani, Vice President of Database Services, Amazon Web Services. "With order of magnitude improvements in price/performance, Amazon Redshift makes big data analytics accessible to more people, allowing large organizations to analyze more of their data and smaller ones to afford fast, scalable data warehousing technology."

Amazon said that Redhsift leverages "columnar data storage, advanced compression, and high performance IO and network" to increase the overall performance of its service. Redshift is currently only available Amazon's U.S. East (North Virginia) Region, but will be offered in other AWS Regions "in the coming months," the company said.

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