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Amazon Web Services Now Offers EC2 High Storage Instances

By - Source: Amazon

AWS Now Offers EC2 High Storage InstancesAWS Now Offers EC2 High Storage InstancesAmazon has upgraded its service with a new product that caters to customers who ask for fast access to large amounts of data.

The new instances include 35 EC2 compute units with 17 GB of RAM and 24 HDDs with a total of 48 TB of space. The instance is rated at a data bandwidth of "more than" 2.4 GB per second of sequential I/O performance.

"As customers move every imaginable workload to Amazon Web Services (AWS), we continue to provide them with additional instance families to meet the requirements of their applications," from Amazon's Peter De Santis in a statement. "High Storage instances are the ninth Amazon EC2 instance family and join Cluster Compute instances and High I/O instances as instance families designed to enhance the performance and efficiency of customers' most demanding applications. These new instances also power Amazon Redshift, a new petabyte scale data warehousing service, and will be very important for customers using Amazon Elastic MapReduce to process large quantities of data."

Amazon said that its new high storage instances target Hadoop workloads, log processing and data warehousing, as well as parallel file systems to process and analyze large data sets in the AWS Cloud. The instances can be  launched using the AWS Management Console, Amazon EC2 and Amazon Elastic MapReduce Command Line Interface, AWS SDKs, and third party libraries, Amazon said. At this time the new instances can only be accessed in the U.S. East, North Virginia region, but are expected to become available in other regions in the near future.

Pricing starts at $4.60 per hour for Linux and Unix, and at $4.931 for Windows.

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