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AMD Launches Opteron APU/CPU X-Series: X1150 and X2150

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On Wednesday AMD revealed a new Opteron X-Series family of processors, formerly known as "Kyoto". This new family actually consists of only two variants for the moment: the AMD Opteron X1150 CPU, and the world's first server-class x86 APU, the AMD Opteron X2150. Both are the highest density, most power-efficient small core x86 processors ever built, the company claims.

"The new X1150 and X2150 processors beat the top performing Intel Atom processor on key performance benchmarks, including single thread and throughput performance with superior power-efficiency, twice the cores and L2 cache with a more advanced pipeline architecture, higher integration and support for up to 32 gigabytes of DRAM -- 4x more than the Intel Atom processor," the company said on Wednesday.

The X2150 is the first server APU system-on-a-chip integrating CPU and GPU cores with a high-speed bus on a single die. It has a TDP range of 11 to 22 watts, and features four "Jaguar" 64-bit x86 cores clocked up to 1.9 GHz, 128 AMD Radeon HD 8000 GPU cores, and a 64-bit memory interface supporting up to 32 GB of DDR3 ECC DRAM (SODIMM & UDIMM) up to 1600 MHz. An integrated I/O supports PCI-e Gen 2 (8 lanes), USB 2.0 (8 ports), USB 3.0 (2 ports), Serial-ATA2/3 (2 ports), and video interfaces including DisplayPort, VGA and HDMI.

The X1150 chip is optimized for general scale-out workloads, and only features four "Jaguar" 64-bit x86 cores clocked up to 2 GHz, making it merely a server CPU. It features the same I/O and memory interface as the previous X2150, but it only consumes between 9 and 17 watts of power. Both chips feature a 24.5 x 24.5 mm FT3 BGA package.

When compared to the Intel Atom S1260 chip, AMD's new Opteron X-Series provides twice the number of CPU cores, four times the maximum DRAM per socket, and 1.2 times the maximum DRAM speed. The new AMD solution also provides twice the L2 cache, 2.2 times the throughput performance, 1.9 times the thread performance, and integrated SATA ports which are not offered on Intel's chip.

"The data center is at an inflection point and requires a high number of cores in a dense form factor with integrated graphics, massive amounts of DRAM and unprecedented power efficiency to keep up with the pace of innovation of Internet services," said Andrew Feldman, corporate vice president and general manager, Server Business Unit at AMD.  "AMD has a proud history of server innovation, and the AMD Opteron X-Series processors challenge the status quo by providing unmatched capabilities to drive the most energy-efficient servers in the industry."

The AMD Opteron X2150 APU and X1150 CPU are generally available now for a cost of $99 and $64, respectively, in 1K quantities. More information can be found here.

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