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AppFormix Leaves Stealth Mode, Announces New Cloud Optimization Product

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

The premise of cloud computing is that businesses can transfer their computing infrastructure from single, in-house servers to a collection of servers using virtual machines or other containers. The cloud provider then ensures that those virtual machines are deployed in such a way as to ensure that resources are available for high performance. However, most monitoring and diagnostic tools are not designed to work across the shared, multi-tenant environment of cloud operations.

"Due to resource contention among competing tenants and applications, shared infrastructures deliver variable and unpredictable performance. The impacts include fluctuating application performance and inefficient infrastructure usage," said Paul Burns, President of Neovise.

AppFormix, currently in beta, seeks to bridge the gap between applications and infrastructure. Operators and developers can use AppFormix to collect data across server, storage and networking, all in a single dashboard showing real-time displays of resource consumption. This unified dashboard offers views of all applications, virtual machines, and container resources. With the right data, operators can detect and see bottlenecks, or "noisy neighbors" in real time, and then fix issues quickly. Historical data allows for detection of less obvious, long-term issues, as well.

Once problems are identified, AppFormix can set policies that ensure optimal resource allocation. By using actual data and policies to identify issues and allocate resources, AppFormix eliminates the need to use trial-and-error to find the optimal deployment arrangements.

AppFormix ties into OpenStack, Kubernetes and Mesos to enable managing the physical infrastructure, virtual machines, and Docker containers. The product is currently in beta, with general availability scheduled for third quarter, 2015. Interested parties can request early access at