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Apple Tops RescueCom's Computer Reliability Report

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Not generally a favorite with true techies, Apple computers are often thought of as expensive, niche machines. But, according to the 2017 Computer Reliability Report from RescueCom, Apple's cause fewer technical headaches. Samsung tied for a rating of A+, and LG came in second with an A-. 

IBM, which does own and deploy Apple computers, claims those machines are the least troublesome. "Every Mac we buy is, in fact, continuing to make and save IBM money," said Fletcher Previn, vice president of workplace as a service at IBM. 

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The score combines a company's computer repair rate (by RescueCom), use of tech support and market share (according to IDC). Lenovo earned itself a B on the list and Dell and Asus eeked out with C-. But Acer, HP and Microsoft all fell down on the job earning Ds. Toshiba earned the lowest score of F in the history of this study. The repair and reliability scores, which have been calculated by the company for 11 years, include both laptops, desktops and tablets. 

Perhaps surprisingly, Samsung's performance in the study didn't seem hampered by the exploding Galaxy S7 Note phones. Meanwhile, RescueCom says Microsoft's Surface products did so poorly because the company made them "not serviceable" in some cases, so that when a tech opens a machine for manual repair they often break the display in the process.