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Appmobi Creates Secure Platform For Hybrid Cordova Apps

By - Source: Appmobi

Appmobi has launched a secure mobile platform designed to secure hybrid Cordova apps within minutes. Appmobi Secure Mobile Platform installs as a package in either a private or public cloud and then integrates into the developer's toolset to streamline the integration of security components, including services for updating and sending push messages securely. 

Cordova is the open source mobile application platform from Apache. By using Cordova, developers can quickly create applications that are cross-platform from the same code base. After writing the application, it can be deployed to Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry and more. By wrapping up the HTML, CSS and JavaScript inside Cordova, developers can take advantage of the HTML 5 Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and, by utilizing a standard language, significantly speed up the time it takes to develop their applications. 

"Enterprises en masse are turning to hybrid HTML5 and Cordova-based apps because they reduce app development time, utilize existing in-house development resources, have available SDKs, and allow apps to be truly cross-platform. They standardize on a single platform and eliminate the need to maintain separate apps and developers, but they also create an enormous challenge for enterprises as mobile app security is often overlooked or sacrificed for speed," said Marcel E. Smit, CEO of Appmobi. "Appmobi solves this security challenge for the enterprise."  

By including the Appmobi Secure Mobile Platform in the Cordova app, developers get five core components ready to be used.  

Appmobi Security Kit provides a foundational resource to encrypt data in transit and at rest and easily interfaces with authentication gateways. The levels of encryption are customizable, so the developers can adjust for more secure encryption as they need. 

Communications are secured further through the use of two other components. Secure Push Messaging protects the data that is being sent to the mobile devices and includes methods of providing authentication as an extended security factor, while Secure Live Updates encrypts the update packages sent to applications to keep them up-to-date. 

Data stored in the mobile devices can be protected through the use of Secure Data Store, which can keep the data on the device encrypted, but can also provide a synchronization of the data back on the server. 

Secure Analytics provides a window into the entire stack, bringing real-time intelligence and app analytics that allow developers to gain insight into what is actively being protected. 

The Appmobi Software Development Kit (SDK) was acquired by Intel in February 2013 and now forms the basis of the Intel XDK, which allows developers to build optimized HTML5 applications for mobile platforms. Appmobi makes the Appmobi Secure Mobile Platform available to developers who use the Intel XDK.