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AppSense Provides New Insights Into End User Computing Environments

By - Source: AppSense

AppSense announced the release of AppSense Insight, an analytics tool that provides administrators with information about their end user client computing environment. According to AppSense, the actionable intelligence provided by Insight can be utilized to increase productivity, security and compliance, while giving organizations the ability to effectively manage and reduce costs.

"Our focus is on helping our customers deliver a workspace that drives the highest levels of user productivity while ensuring security, compliance and operational efficiency across all Windows client computing environments, virtual, physical and DaaS. Rather than reporting low-level endpoint data, AppSense is leveraging its 15 years of UEM experience to provide accurate and actionable intelligence," said Ravi Khatod, SVP of Marketing at AppSense.

AppSense Insight uses metrics such as user logon times, user privilege info, app usage, user density per server and CPU usage. These metrics give IT a detailed picture of the actual user experience, allowing IT to respond quickly to potential problems and help ensure the success of transformation and migration projects.

AppSense Insight gathers more data than ever from endpoints and combines it with information from third party feeds and the company's institutional knowledge. AppSense believes that this tool can supplant the need to hire data analysts to extract meaning from this data.

AppSense Insight runs on any Microsoft Windows PC running Windows 7 or later, or on Citrix or VMware virtual workspaces, and provides administrators with a unified view of all endpoints in the environment. AppSense Insight can run on a standalone basis or in conjunction with AppSense DesktopNow, the company's user environment management suite.

AppSense Insight will be available through AppSense channel partners.