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Archive360's Archive2Azure Offers Data Migration To Azure For Compliance

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Archive360, the email data migration company that makes Archive2Anywhere, announced today a new product called Archive2Azure. The product extends the company's data migration offerings with a new solution that is optimized to work with the Microsoft Azure platform.

While many companies are eager to migrate legacy data and systems to cloud platforms such as Azure, they face the difficulty of maintaining data required for legal or regulatory compliance, that exists on various on-site platforms. The Archive2Azure solution provides companies a way to move unstructured and the so-called, low touch data, to the cloud, while maintaining full chain of custody context and data fidelity.

Various connectors and features ensure that data is migrated in a legally defensible way. For example, the product's FastCollect finds and then unpacks PSTs and moves the content to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. User identification for these PSTs is automated, even for orphaned PSTs. Achrive2Azure also keeps Exchange Journal data intact rather than splitting or converting it while migrating into Office365, a procedure that can be a compliance violation.

"Using innovative migration technology, we're changing the dynamics of email archives and other unstructured data by enabling the cost-effective long term retention and management for low-touch 'grey' data that is largely inactive but for various reasons, needs to be retained. Based on the Microsoft Azure cloud, it's the only affordable, secure and scalable solution that completely eliminates costly legacy systems while minimizing risk," said Bob DeSteno, CEO of Archive360.

Archive2Azure is fully integrated with Azure Search and features include real-time, on demand indexing. It also provides native eDiscovery functionality which, when integrated with Microsoft’s Power BI, provides a scalable eDiscovery platform with integrated analytics.

Archive2Azure currently has 11 connectors including those for MessageOne, AXS-One, MX Logic, AchirveOne/C2C and Gwava.

Achive2Azure is offered on a subscription pricing model with no start-up or cancellation fees, and no additional hardware purchases required. Additional information can be found at