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Calxeda Sees Storage Servers as Initial Opportunity

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Calxeda Sees Storage Servers as Initial OpportunityCalxeda Sees Storage Servers as Initial OpportunityCalxeda is apparently putting some effort in attracting business from the storage server market.

The company previously focused on ultra-dense servers for cloud data centers, but now seems to follow ARM's guidance to also consider products that do not directly compete with Intel's processors at this time.

Storage is one of the key targets ARM is aiming for with its processors. Calxeda said it has sold 130 servers so far and expects the first systems to go online in data centers in Q2 2013. According to Karl Freund, VP of marketing for Calxeda, the first servers in production environments are likely to be used in storage environments simply because this application does not care whether the SoCs support 64-bit or not. 64-bit Calxeda SoCs will not be available until 2014.

Intel is more than likely to target the storage server market with its recently released Atom-S processors as well and it will becritical for companies such as Calxeda to identify the collision points with Intel, as well as the areas where ARM can gain market share and credibility in the data center and where Intel may not compete initially. For example, ARM noted that it is most interested in product categories that value power consumption over performance, including networking products.

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