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Asus Plays the VDI Game; Adds Zero Clients to Product List

By - Source: Asus

Asus has released three new zero client hardware solutions; the CP220 and CP240 are VMware-ready zero client monitors and the CPX20 is a new zero client box. Asus' zero client products use Teradici's Tera 2321 processor and PC over IP (PCoIP) data transmission.

PCoIP allows information to securely move from the central console to zero client devices. This is accomplished by encrypting, transmitting, then displaying the information through the device.

"With the introduction of the CP Series, Asus is delivering a brand new portfolio of PCoIP zero client form factors that meet today's most stringent enterprise computing requirements for security, performance and ease of IT manageability," says Ziad Lammam, director of product management at Teradici. "We're delighted to welcome ASUS as the newest member of Teradici's robust partner ecosystem."

The ASUS CP monitor seriesThe ASUS CP monitor seriesThe CP monitor series displays in full HD 1080p and has a response time of 5ms. Both monitors come with 512M DDR3 RAM and 1 Watt audio speakers. The CP220 is a 21.5 inch display while the CP240 is a 23.8 inches. The CP240 also uses an AH-IPS panel which brings the viewing angle up to 178 degrees (both horizontal and vertical); 170 degrees horizontal/160 vertical on the smaller CP220. They are both standard VESA mounts and come with a three year Advance Rapid Replacement warranty.

The CP series monitors include the following inputs:

  • D-Sub(RGB);
  • DVI-I;
  • four USB2.0 ports;
  • 3.5mm audio-line out, earphone-out and microphone-in.

The ASUS CPX20 Zero Client BoxThe ASUS CPX20 Zero Client BoxThe ASUS CPX20 effectively turns any monitor into a zero client monitor for your virtual desktop infrastructure. Like the CP series monitors, the CPX20 comes with 512M DDR3 RAM. The zero client box can also be mounted onto any VESA compatible monitor.

The CPX20 has the following inputs:

  • DVI x 1 DVI-D x 1;
  • four USB2.0 ports;
  • 3.5mm audio-line out, earphone-out and microphone-in.

As far as pricing, CP240 monitor is $529, CP220 monitor is $499 and CPX20 zero client box is $329. All CP zero client devices are currently available in North America. For more information, visit