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Atlantis SDS Solution Converts Memory Into Usable Storage

By - Source: Atlantis Computing

Atlantis Computing introduced on Tuesday its next-generation Atlantis ILIO USX (Unified Software-Defined Storage) solution purpose-built for virtualized server workloads. Thanks to the software, customers can now deploy up to five times more virtual machines on their existing storage. The software also boosts performance and increases the flexibility of how storage is consumed in the virtualized data center.

"Atlantis ILIO USX is the only in-memory software-defined storage solution that can pool and optimize any class of storage including SAN, NAS, RAM or any type of DAS (SSD, Flash, SAS, SATA) to create hybrid, hyper-converged or all-flash storage from existing data center resources," reads the company's press release.

Customers can instantly create the optimal type of storage characteristics for the desired application. For instance, customers can create a software-defined hybrid array using server RAM and existing shared SAN or NAS storage. Customers can also create a software-defined hyper-coveraged system using each servers' RAM, Flash and SAS or SATA. They can also create a software-defined all-flash array using any combination of shared and local flash.

By using the Atlantis ILIO USX, customers can deploy up to five times more VMs on existing storage. They can also lower cost by pooling local server disk, flash, SSD and RAM, and boost IO performance up to five times using server-side flash and RAM. Other benefits in using Atlantis ILIO USX include push-button installation, creation and data store creation across the data center, instant provisioning, and flexibility.

According to the company, the Atlantis ILIO In-Memory storage tech uses the hypervisor to convert server RAM into a storage resource. This is a better choice over mechanical hard drives because RAM latencies are measured in nanoseconds whereas the typical mechanical hard drive latencies are measured in milliseconds, making RAM the faster, better choice.

"Atlantis ILIO In-Memory storage optimization services including IO processing, inline de-duplication, compression, coalescing, thin provisioning, data protection and high availability, are automatically applied at the compute layer to boost performance, reduce storage capacity, and ensure the availability and reliability of each storage volume connected to the platform -- SAN, NAS, flash, etc. This approach makes it feasible to use server RAM as a tier or as primary storage," explains the company's product page.

The company reports that Atlantis ILIO USX will insert transparently into existing virtualized data centers by deploying VMs that integrate with the hypervisor layer. This solution integrates with existing provisioning workflows and orchestration systems through REST APIs to enable automated policy-based provisioning.

As to supported hypervisors, a quick call to Atlantis confirms that this version works with Citrix and VMware virtualization solutions.

Atlantis ILIO USX is available immediately through Atlantis Computing certified channel partners. For more information about the Atlantis ILIO USX, visit