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ATTO Ships Industry's Fastest Storage Controller For Virtualized and Software Defined Data Centers

By - Source: ATTO

The move to virtualized and software defined storage architectures is fueled by whitebox components that provide lower cost and avoid vendor lock-in. ATTO's new FibreBridge 7500 Storage Controller creates custom and scalable architectures by adding enterprise-level Fiber Channel SAN connectivity to economical SAS JBOD storage.

Administrators can build custom flash, hybrid or high-capacity storage pools with up to 240 standard SAS/SATA SSD or HDD drives and JBOD storage enclosures. The JBODs are connected with four x4 12 Gbps Mini-SAS HD connectors to the FibreBridge 7500, which connects to the fabric via two auto-negotiating 16 Gbps Fibre Channel ports. The solution can aggregate up to 1.4 PB of storage, making it well-suited for large storage environments and MetroHA solutions.

FibreBridge provides up to 750,000 4K IOPS and 1,000,000 512b IOPS, and it features advanced read ahead and write cache algorithms. It provides impressive performance with very little latency overhead of less than 4 microseconds for a full read/write data cycle. The 7500 also supports ATTO Drive Map Director technology, which eliminates manual LUN mapping and LUN remapping requirements if a drive shelf is removed for maintenance or failure.

The FiberBridge manages disk and communication errors between targets and initiators with a robust error correction scheme. The solution also features email notification of errors and persistent error and trace logs to streamline troubleshooting. The FiberBridge does not require an operating system, drivers or peripherals, which simplifies the architecture and provides a transparent and modular base to build refined software-defined platforms.

Big Iron is steadily losing ground to ODMs and barebone products. Barebone systems typically require unifying hardware and software to tie them together into a cohesive and functioning unit, and solutions such as the FibreBridge 7500 are becoming more popular amidst the industry-wide migration trend away from the established industry heavyweights. The FiberBridge 7500 was previously announced in August of last year, and now it is being qualified by select OEMs and shipping to the broader market.