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Autodesk Updates Forge Developer Platform, Adds New APIs

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After Autodesk entered the cloud developer market with Autodesk Forge last December, developers have been finding their way to the suite of tools. At this week's Forge DevCon, cloud developers and Forge users are finding their suite of services is getting a big boost and some great new features.

Autodesk Forge connects development, design and engineering through cloud-powered services that enable collaboration, visualization and workflows. These services are then made accessible through application programming interfaces (APIs), where they can be provisioned and taken advantage of directly from a developed cloud application.

The latest enhancements to the Forge platform include a viewer, authentication tools and a host of new APIs, including data management, reality capture and 3D Print.

The new viewer is capable of displaying 2D and 3D models from over 50 different file formats, and the updates to the authentication in Forge bring a consistent authentication and authorization functionality across the environment.

But the new APIs are likely to be what many developers using Forge are going to be the most excited about getting to work with. The Data Management API gives access to manage storage on Forge, but also extends that functionality to other Autodesk platforms, such as Fusion 360. The 3D Print API brings 3D modeling, print preparation and production management. And the Reality Capture API gives developers the power to quickly turn a series of photos into 3D data. Other developer APIs released include Model Derivative and Design Automation API.

Also boosting the Forge platform are some investments in innovative companies. 3D Robotics, MakeTime and Seebo were all revealed to be companies that the Autodesk Forge Fund invests in. 3D Robotics is a maker of drones, MakeTime is a manufacturing platform that matches projects from buyers with machines of suppliers, and Seebo provides software for making Intenet of Things (IoT) and connected products.

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