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Automic Announces Updates To Application Release Automation

By - Source: Automic

Automic announced updates to Application Release Automation (ARA), a continuous delivery product for DevOps teams that streamlines the path to production for development while providing advanced automation and controls for deployment operations. Included in the feature announcements are visualization tools that bring insights into the deployment pipeline, a blueprint that allows organizations to chart a path towards continuous delivery, and a cloud-based sandbox to evaluate the software so you can try it before you make a purchasing decision.

The visualization tools available in the update to ARA cover a wide range of deployment operations. Everything from the planning and execution to the management of the releases are all available through the pipeline visualization dashboard. Multiple releases, including those from different teams, can be shown through the single pane of glass to help the entire organization better understand the process and the timelines that can be expected.

The Automic Blueprint for Continuous Delivery offers a guide to the transitions that many companies are going through. Often, applications that are being built from the ground up with an agile delivery method don’t have the same pains achieving continuous delivery that more established apps with a longer development cycle have. On the other hand, an application that has been undergoing a long development cycle with methodical releases usually has more reliability and scale built into their deployment processes. The blueprint provides insights to strengthen the relationships between the systems, thereby leveraging the best of both worlds, adding speed to the deployment cycle on the more established apps and improving the reliability of the newer, more agile apps.

"We are simplifying how our customers execute on the DevOps journey by specifically targeting all of the applications across an enterprise with the goal of driving the digital transformation required by our clients," said Chris Boorman, Chief Marketing Officer, Automic. "The Automic Blueprint for Continuous Delivery is a practical methodology an enterprise can employ to scale continuous delivery across both back-office applications and the new digital front-office."

Also available as a new feature in ARA is a cloud-based, multi-tenant sandbox. The sandbox provides a preview site where potential customers can work with the software and get to know more about how the operations really work. The sandbox lets you explore actions that are available, take guided walk-throughs of common use cases, and work with the dashboards to view and analytic data.

Automic Release Automation is immediately available for general shipment, and all of the plugins are immediately available on the Automic Marketplace. The DevOps assessment is available now. Pricing is available on-demand.