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HP Memo Confirms Layoffs and New Directions at Autonomy

By - Source: AllThingsD

HP Memo Confirms Layoffs and New Directions at AutonomyHP Memo Confirms Layoffs and New Directions at AutonomyRepositioning Autonomy and making sense of an expensive acquisition may be one of HP's most daunting tasks.

Robert Youngjohns, recently appointed as the man in charge of Autonomy, sent out a memo that carefully states that layoffs will be in the future of the unit.

The memo, which was retrieved by AllThingsD, suggests that only employees in the Aurasma business will be affected. If we believe AllThingsD, about 70 employees of the entire Autonomy workforce of about 1,900 people will be let go. As the focus on Aurasma turns to "commercialization and revenue generation," Youngjohns wrote, "a number of roles will remain largely unaffected by this, other roles within Aurasma will no longer be required going forward and some work force reduction is likely."

However, in other parts, Youngjohns expects to expands R&D and hire "at least 50 additional engineers to lead new initiatives."

He did not provide details when the layoffs and additional hiring will take place, but mentioned that the company has already "consulted with all appropriate Workers’ Councils."

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