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Amazon Intros App Management Solution OpsWorks

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

As its own version of what we generally understand as DevOps, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the launch of OpsWorks, an application management solution that enables customers to model, customize, and automate applications.

Amazon said that OpsWorks, which had been in Beta since February of this year, covers the complete life-cycle of complex applications as an end-to-end solution and provides developers access to features that enable them to model, deploy, scale, and maintain their applications. For example, OpsWorks supports resource provisioning, configuration management, deployment, monitoring, and access control directly from the AWS Management Console.

According to AWS, OpsWorks is based on the Chef framework to take advantage of community-built configurations and can accommodate customizable deployments, rollback, patch management, auto scaling, and auto healing. Application updates can be deployed by updating a single configuration and clicking a button, reducing the time spent on routine tasks. Developers can also reproduce exact configurations on new instances and apply changes to all instances to achieve consistency.

"As our customers run more and more applications on AWS, they are asking for more sophisticated tools to manage their AWS resources and automate how they deploy applications," said Scott Wiltamuth, Vice President of Developer Productivity & Tools, AWS, in a prepared statement. "With the launch of AWS OpsWorks, we’re providing customers with a new application management solution to automate the entire life-cycle – provisioning, deployment, configuration management, monitoring, and access control."

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