IT Today: Microsoft Windows Azure Reviewed, Oracle’s SPARC Servers Upgraded, Spending Too Much on Software?

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Tom's IT Pro: Getting Started with the Cloud: Microsoft Windows Azure, Oracle’s SPARC Servers Upgraded with the World’s Fastest Microprocessor, Enterprise Unified Communications, Are You Spending Too Much on Software?, Avoid Network Performance Problems, and more.

Getting Started with the Cloud: Microsoft Windows Azure

Windows Azure started as a platform as a service (PaaS) provider but now offers infrastructure as a service (IaaS) as well.

Oracle’s SPARC Servers Upgraded with the World’s Fastest Microprocessor

Oracle’s upgraded Sun SPARC server line geared towards cloud deployments is aimed at business analytics and big data

Enterprise Unified Communications

What unified communications means and why it’s necessary.

Are You Spending Too Much on Software?

Finding the right balance of licensing as much software as needed, but not more, is one of the challenges addressed by software license management.

Avoid Network Performance Problems with Automated Monitoring

Network administrators can streamline the troubleshooting process by deploying automated monitoring systems.

A Guide to Employing Mobile Security

Securely integrating mobile devices into an organization’s IT processes and infrastructure complex and challenging.

Illustrated Guide to Microsoft Certification Prep Resources

There are plenty of good Microsoft cert info resources available online

IBM Software Promises Faster SDN Set-Up

Announces new software product--Software Defined Networking for Virtual Environments.

Cartoon: King on IT: Honey Boo Boo Takes Creative Control

Startup turns to Reality Star for Creative Director.

South Korean Cyber Attacks Used Patch Management IDs; Phishing Tactics

The aftermath of a major cyber-security breach can be confusing.

Software Licensing in a Virtual World

While virtualization is supposed to help simplify IT environments, there is one aspect that virtualization can complicate – licensing.

Unified Communications: Beware of Cutting Corners

As with an IT project, you cut corners in a UC deployment at your own peril. So be careful.

Moore’s Law In Pictures: An Illustrated History of the Microprocessor

Consider the orders of magnitude (and sheer manufacturing prowess) required to morph the very first 4-Bit microprocessors into the multicore powerhouses we use today.

Application Control: How to Detect Performance Bottlenecks

The ability to monitor applications to detect and respond to problems is becoming a must have capability for the seasoned IT pro.

The Four BYOD Integration Challenges

Careful planning across all involved interest groups will deliver a straight forward strategy to adopt BYOD.

An Illustrated Guide to Server OS Milestones

We travel back in time and revisit the most important milestones of the server operating system.

Will Michael Dell Become the Ex-CEO of Dell?

Michael Dell is in danger of becoming the ex-CEO of Dell as two new acquisition proposals top the offer that the company’s founder announced last month.

US Beefing Up Cybersecurity with Private Sector Email, Internet Scans

The US Department of Homeland Security will be starting to regularly scan internet and email transmissions of private sector defense contractors.

Using SAM to Control Software Costs and Minimize Risk

ROI for a software asset management tool is easy to compute, and must be based on streamlining IT operations through automated software deployment and right-sizing enterprise licensing volumes.

A Crash Course in Network Performance Monitoring: A Manager’s Guide

Networks are the backbone of IT service delivery. So when the network experiences problems, application performance can suffer.

Ultramobility Isn't Just for Mobile Devices

The benefits of taking unified communications mobile.

Justifying Information Security Investments

Accurate information about risks leads to better decision-making: The more accurate the risk information, the better the decision, especially when it comes to IT security.

Getting Started with the Cloud: RightScale

Throughout this IaaS Buyers Guide, we have reviewed a number of Infrastructure as a Service providers offering compute, storage and additional services. RightScale is not an IaaS provider but an IaaS management provider, however.

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