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Barracuda Message Archiver Updated For Cloud and BYOD

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Barracuda Networks has released an upgrade to its Message Archiver that increases the support for more applications. Barracuda Message Archiver v3.5 is a messaging solution that ensures all messages entering and leaving an organization's network are archived and retrievable, even if they are no longer available within the existing enterprise email application.

Keeping a repository of emails that can be searched from a central location without having an impact on an organization's policies regarding mailbox storage limitations could be business saving in the event of an HR or legal discovery (eDiscovery) request, and to ensure regulatory compliance, operational policy enforcement, and internal audits, and governance.

The Message Archiver solution now integrates with cloud applications like Office 365, Exchange 2013, Google apps and Copy. The existing application currently integrates with most existing corporate email systems and provides users with permissions-based access to archived email messages.

As more organizations move towards the use of mobile (BYOD), the updated Archiver application also adds access to messages by mobile users through Outlook 2013, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

"User demand for message access from a variety of platforms continues to grow, putting pressure on IT beyond eDiscovery and storage management needs," said Rod Mathews, GM Storage, Barracuda. "Barracuda Message Archiver 3.5 addresses IT's need for powerful eDiscovery and storage management, while giving end-users easy access to their email anywhere from any device."

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As the number of emails grow exponentially and places additional demands on email servers and storage capacity, the Message Archiver can be used to offload older messages and attachments to the Archiver. The Message Archiver centrally indexes and stores all sent and received email. Certain types of attachments can also be indexed for searches.

Barracuda Message Archiver version 3.5 is available at no additional charge for existing customers who are on the current hardware platform with an active Energize Updates subscription.

For new customers, the Barracuda Message Archiver appliance starts at $1,999 USD for the appliance and $499 USD for Energize Updates.

Barracuda is additionally offering an optional replacement service for failed hardware and a complimentary refresh of their 4-year-old hardware units starting at $499 USD.