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Best App Maker Software for Business 2018

Best App Maker Software for Business 2018
By , Jackie Dove

Looking for the best app maker software for your company? We evaluated AppMachine, BuildFire, GoodBarber and ShoutEm, among others.

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Editor's Note: Apple's recent iTunes guidelines update is impacting some third-party app makers, which may affect what companies we would recommend. The update has a statement that says "Apps created from a commercialized template or app generation service will be rejected." That is causing some apps created using no-code app makers to be rejected or ejected from the App Store. Stay tuned for new reviews, and possibly new picks.

Once upon a time — say, 20 years ago — it was easy for small businesses to establish and maintain an online presence. While the very first websites were hand-coded in HTML because WYSIWYG builders had not yet been invented, visual design apps from Microsoft, Apple and Macromedia (now Adobe) made it possible to create websites without coding. Over time, sophisticated automated web tools with engineering smarts evolved, creating the income-generating, multiplatform precision sites we are now used to.

But today, merely having a website is not enough for small businesses. Increasingly, customers rely on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, running Apple's iOS and Google's Android, to keep them up to speed with a company's products and services. You can adapt your existing website to run a smooth responsive version on mobile devices, but a native mobile app will almost always provide a better, potentially more profitable experience. HTML5 websites functioning as mobile apps may work as an interim solution — helpful but not equal to a genuine app. But that means building a new product in a genre that IT managers or developers may not be familiar with or trained for.

Enter the new app makers. This genre of software does for you what visual website designers did for companies back in the day: It lets you create customized consumer apps for your small business, restaurant, bar, gallery, local service, nonprofit, event or publication without going back to coding class.

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These new builders — which live in the cloud — are targeted to smaller screens and support at least the two major cross-platform mobile operating systems. These apps involve monthly subscription costs, but overall, they are much cheaper and inherently more flexible than hiring a developer to create and maintain a customized app.

When searching for the best app makers, we looked for solutions that are affordable and extensible, and let you create professional-looking apps without coding skills.

Our Best Picks

Price per month
Starts at $19, with Premium and Professional packages at $59 and $89
Plus and Pro packages at $49 and $69
Starts at $19.90, with Advanced and Unlimited tiers at $49 and $119.90
Standard at $16 with Full at $32 and Advanced at $48
Ease of use
Fast and easy drag-and-drop interface
Lego-style building-block interface
Fast and easy to use
Colorful, user-friendly design
Customer support
Chat, email, online form
Email, online form
iOS, Android, HTML5
iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry
iOS, Android, HTML5
iOS, Android, HTML5
15 templates spanning small business categories like restaurant, music, church and education
35+ precoded, snap-together content Building Blocks, extensive skin selection, 15 navigation templates
8 major templates or start from scratch, and 12 layouts
50 creative templates or start from scratch
APIs let users access device information
JavaScript Block and SDK let you build unique functionality; XML, JSON or REST API calls facilitate web services like GET or POST for users to add data or import Excel data (Pro version)

Yes, in the Unlimited plan
Yes, in the Advanced plan; extra fees may apply in some cases
Hosted and managed by the company
Hosts your design on Microsoft Azure servers and exports it into an app store package
Site hosts the app maker and automatically submits to app stores
Site hosts the app maker and automatically submits to app stores
Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, Slack, Google Analytics, Instagram, OpenTable, JotForm, Vimeo, and custom or open-source plugins
25 building blocks like Information, Photos, Video, Push messages and Location services; links to Facebook, Twitter or online stores with PayPal Checkout block
MoPub ads, WordPress, Drupal, Ning, Facebook, Twitter, MailChimp and Eventbrite
WordPress, Blogger, RSS, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, 500px, SoundCloud and your own CMS
Extensive tools, layouts, plugins, color schemes, SmartPush technology
Lego building-block interface facilitates numerous configurations
Large array of variations and elements for layout and design
Emphasizes creativity in varying colors of text, icons and textures
Device preview
PayPal integration
Shopify, product catalog
Amazon, Shopify, Etsy