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Lenovo Tops 2017 List as Best Computer Brand

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Brand loyalty makes a huge difference in our decision making, and that's just as true of laptops and computers as anything. Our sister site, Laptop Mag, has released its 2017 list of the Best and Worst Laptop Brands, and surprisingly, Lenovo tops the list. It's the first time in 7 years that Apple hasn't been named the best brand. 

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Asus and Dell took the second and third places in the list, while Apple dropped to sixth place. The list examines the top 10 laptop makers, and compares their reviews over the last year as well as the company's overall design aesthetic, technical support, innovation, value and warranty. 

According to Laptop Mag, Lenovo earned its top spot by the strength of the company's highly-rated laptops (58 percent of the laptops reviewed in the last year earned a rating of 4 stars or better). The company is also known for delving into new technologies with both feet, and the company made some big strides in its customer service

Samsung and Microsoft held the bottom two spots in Laptop Mag's list. Neither company offers a particularly wide selection of items and what they do have isn't exactly affordable, most of the time. Apple was hurt this year mostly because of their high price tags and lack of touchscreens or ports. The company's technical support continues to be second to none, and the design is still stunning (if a bit boring).