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Managed IT Services: Top 5 Managed Services Providers

Managed IT Services: Top 5 Managed Services Providers

Trying to elevate and improve the efficiency of your IT department? Managed IT services may be the solution for you. We help you choose the right IT service provider for your business.

Credit: ShutterstockCredit: ShutterstockA managed services provider (MSP) is an IT service that manages and assumes responsibility for providing a defined set of services on a subscription basis. It's a more proactive approach to the IT fixes for a business that often lead to on-demand outsourcing or scrambling to fix a disaster. It's also an efficient way to keep your company up to date on technology and ensure you have all the skills you might need at your fingertips. But the field is wide and options many.

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Using the MSPmentor's curated list of MSPs, the MSP 501 list, we can help you narrow the field to five. Let's start by comparing Dimension Data, PCM, Sirius Computer Solutions, Softchoice and Computer Services.

Dimension Data
PCM Inc.
Sirius Computer Solutions Inc.
Computer Services Inc.
Cloud computing
On-premise and cloud solutions
Cloud solution services
Cloud management
Core bank processing
Big data solutions
Data center and network solutions
Data center solutions in converged infrastructure
Converged infrastructure
Digital banking
IT as a service
Product configurator
Application development
IT lifecycle services
IT management services
Digital business services
Consultation and implementation services
Digital strategy and design
Keystone managed services
Regulatory compliance
Government and multinational business industry
Government and education industry
All industries
Government agencies and education
Treasury management

How are MSPs judged and ranked?

MSPmentors partners with Clarity Channel Advisors to produce the MSP 501 ranking and study for the best managed IT service providers in the U.S. They used Penton Technology to calculate the MSP 501 2016 winners. The methodology comes from an algorithm used to assess a company's revenue. After all, if you're making money, you must be doing something right by your clients. The revenue weighting is divided into a pie chart with the categories of 5 percent reselling, 10 percent consulting, 35 percent cloud, 15 percent professional services and 35 percent managed services.

To be a contender for the MSP 501 listing, a company has to submit a confidential application that verifies its entire financial results for the year. Since companies have different revenues, the rankings are based on the go-to-market activities such as managed services and reselling. Candidates have the highest ranking for the revenue generated from managed and cloud services. Revenue from a solution gets a lower rating, followed by consulting, and finally hardware and software sourcing.

The Penton Technology methodology computes 75 percent of the revenue, and Hosted Exchange, Office 365 and Google Apps count for 25 percent of the revenue. The all-inclusive methodologies are used to rank the top managed service providers in the IT industry.

Top 5 Managed Services Providers

Dimension Data is the top-ranking MSP 501 winner for 2016 in the U.S., though the headquarters are in Johannesburg, South Africa. There is no wonder why it won; it provides the most services. It has several categories that offer cybersecurity, cloud computing, system integration and collaboration to different industries. Its website is linked to all of the popular social media sites, and it has a document library displaying trending topics. Its achievement is summarized with $7.5 billion in revenue, offices in 52 countries and 31,000 employees.

The second ranking goes to PCM, which was founded and called Creative Computers in 1987. Its specialty is in data center, networking, endpoint and mobility. The company is a direct marketer of technology products, services and solutions for businesses, government and education institutions. PCM has 40 offices nationwide, 800 account representatives and 1,000 service engineers. It provides its expertise in implementing and integrating more than 300,000 top-notch products from trusted technology brands.

Sirius Computer Solutions is the third-ranking MSP 501 winner for 2016. It has a new technology paradigm that serves cloud computing, data networking, social media engagement and cybersecurity. Its solutions span data centers and lines of business in all industries. Its professional employees hold more than 4,000 technical certifications. It has 32 offices nationwide and serves more than 5,000 active clients. Its 2016 financial portfolio showed $1.9 billion in annual sales.

The fourth-place winner is Softchoice. It is known to provide solutions and services to organizations by consulting, implementing, managing and product sourcing. Its specific solutions are TechChecks, Keystone, Office 365, Cloud Services and Microsoft Azure. It is responsible for the management of Amazon Web Services. Its product catalog includes hardware and software brands. Softchoice has achieved industry-leading growth in the migration and management workloads for Microsoft Azure.

The fifth pick is Computer Services Inc. The company is the oldest organization among the top five. A financial statement for 2016 indicated basic revenue of $14 million. One of its main services is the NuPoint core banking process, a responsive bank processing platform. NuPoint core processing delivers the service of core banking as single sign-on. The platform fully integrates across banking platforms, cloud-based architecture that eliminates hardware and software expenditures, and reporting tools that track, monitor and analyze transaction performances.