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Best Online Fax Services 2017

Best Online Fax Services 2017

Online fax services can save you money and allow you to throw out your old fax machine. Sign up for one of these top three best services.

Credit: ShutterstockCredit: ShutterstockOnline fax services just make sense. These low-priced services eliminate the need to maintain separate hardware and traditional phone lines, and they allow businesses to ditch those antiquated fax machines, if not the fax itself. Compliance concerns have kept some government, medical and legal businesses tied to faxes. Not only do those industries have to process signed documents, but they may not have, or trust, electronic signature technologies. However, many modern online fax services can provide high levels of security and include electronic signatures technologies. Additionally, they can send faxes to traditional fax machines.

Advantages of Online Fax Over Traditional Fax:

  • Always on, no busy signal
  • Send and receive via email
  • Receive from traditional fax machines
  • Available mobile apps
  • Integrate with online file sharing
  • No hardware to maintain

How We Selected These Online Fax Service

To narrow our search, we looked at services that offer a good set of the general features you'd expect to see. We also reviewed test results from our parent company's testing facilities, Purch Labs. Tests included fax transfer times, mobile features and ease of use for the online dashboard.

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From there we narrowed the list to three: RingCentral, Nextiva and Sfax. RingCentral and Nextiva provide popular fax services that work alongside their VoIP business phone services or as independent products. Sfax is one of the few companies that provide HIPPA-level compliance alongside a business associate agreement (BAA), which helps ensure the privacy of personal health information. All three of these services include general features, such as:

  • Audit trails and reporting
  • Encrypted data transfers
  • Print-to-fax option
  • Mobile apps
  • Multiple send and receive abilities
  • Local, toll-free, vanity and ported number options
  • Fax alerts
  • Contact grouping and saving tools
  • Support for a variety of file types


Fax service pricing can be tricky. You’ll see most pricing advertised as by the page. For example, $10 per month for 500 pages sent or received. However, often “fair usage” rules apply. So, one page may actually mean “one minute” of send time. So if pages take longer, you may be charged for more than one page for one received or sent page.

Some services may even track page allotments for sent and received faxes separately, whereas others combine both into one shared limit. Often regular service fees are lower if you pay for a year in advance. You may also see additional charges for features such as vanity numbers, international faxes, additional fax numbers, additional fax service logins, number porting, toll-free lines and pages past limit.