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Big Data Analytics: Tools, Trends and Buying Guides

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Big data is changing the way we do business, making data analytics that much more important in the enterprise. With the right tools and strategy, big data can reveal substantial business advantages.

Today's big data analytics solutions enable organizations to monitor and visualize relevant bits of data in real-time. These on-demand tools combined with an actionable business strategy can produce significant results. Results that come from graphical reports available at multiple levels of detail, focusing on the most critical parts of your business.

Whereas business intelligence is the art of gathering relevant performance metrics, data analytics tools utilize statistical analysis to create meaningful, customized, visual reports, making the data accessible throughout the organization. The two help enterprises make smart, data-driven decisions. >> More on Business Intelligence Tools & Techniques

Below you'll find resources that will help you determine which data analytics systems are worth the investment and how to spot reporting systems that can do more for your business. The articles will also introduce you to a slew of big data analytics solutions including business performance management tools, data integration systems, unstructured data processing services and appliances, mobile visualization tools, predictive analytics tools from Intel, IBM, Informatica, EMC, SAP, and more. We'll also delve into data management and warehousing solutions, including search and unstructured data management.


Business Analytics Solutions

The objective of this article is to help you get to a point where you can reliably monitor the status of any relevant business component or characteristic on-demand, in real-time. Learn about data integration systems and services, unstructured data processing services and appliances, business performance management and visualization tools and more. >> See All Data and Business Analytics Solutions


Data Management Solutions

With the proliferation of big data, today's data management systems have evolved to handle not only increasingly large amounts of data, but also different data types, including unstructured data, which has a history of being difficult to manage. In this series, we look at the developments in Hadoop, SQL Server, Cloudera as well as Solr, Elasticsearch and CloudSearch.


Predictive Analytics and Performance Management Solutions

Data analytics tools help you identify trends and characteristics, both positive of negative, that are important to your organization. Predictive analytics takes this one step further, creating a model of the future based on past data analysis to help you do more than speculate. Performance management solutions also leverage data analytics to forecast and shape an organization's goals.


Data Warehousing Solutions

See what makes up a modern data warehousing solution that can handle the traditional, processed data, unprocessed, raw data along with live data streams. We examine the realities of building a new data warehouse from your current storage options as well as putting a new system in place to help you meet the challenges of the new, data intensive data analytics applications. >> See All Data Warehousing Solutions


Career Paths in Big Data and Business Intelligence

A career in big data and business intelligence begins with a working knowledge of statistics along with a solid understanding of BI tools and big data platforms. There are also excellent big data and BI certifications available, both vendor-specific and vendor-neutral, from the SAS Institute, HP, EMC, Cloudera, Oracle, Amazon, IBM and others. >> Read Finding a Career in Big Data & Business Intelligence