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Teradata Simplifies Database Capabilities

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Teradata Simplifies Database CapabilitiesTeradata Simplifies Database CapabilitiesDatabase company Teradata recently released numerous product enhancements and feature additions to its product portfolio.

The Teradata Database capabilities are expanded with workload management as well as query prioritization, while new products include Teradata Studio, Teradata Data Lab with Smart Loader, as well as the Teradata Virtual Machine Edition 14.

According to the company, the Database now provides two levels of workload management to automate data management. Integrated workload management enables "control over system resources by adding disk and I/O control in addition to managing CPUs" to keep resources stable and responsive.

The new Active Enterprise Data Warehouse can be used to allocate resource usage based on tiers of users or specific groups on a query prioritization level. For example, marketing, finance, and human resources can be assigned different service level goals based on their business needs, Teradata said.

Teradata Studio is released as an all-in-one tool to simplify Teradata Database administration and offers tools to visualize and manage the database and "dramatically reduce the steps necessary to perform everyday management tasks," Teradata added. Also new is the smart loader feature for Teradata Studio with a point-and-click capability to load data that isn’t already in the data warehouse, without the assistance of IT.

Additionally, Teradata announced the Virtual Machine Edition 14, which is provided via a virtual symmetric multiprocessing system with the Teradata Database installed, and can be deployed on the current VMware ESXi private cloud infrastructure. According to the manufacturer, the environment allows a database administrator or developer "a robust place to test new Teradata software releases, experiment with physical database design changes, or prototype applications."

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