IT Today: When Spreadsheets Collide with Big Data

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Tom's IT ProTom's IT ProToday On Tom's IT Pro: What Happens When Spreadsheets Meet Big Data?, Amazon Web Services Intros Amazon Redshift, Companies More Comfortable Using Public Cloud for Business-Critical Apps, Enterprises buying iPhones In Droves, Blackberry Surpassed, and more. 

What Happens When Spreadsheets Meet Big Data?

Spreadsheets were an early driver for PC use because they were easy to use and fit a wide range of problems. Those same characteristics make them a good option for working with big data as well.  

Amazon Web Services Intros Amazon Redshift

Companies More Comfortable Using Public Cloud for Business-Critical Apps

Enterprises buying iPhones In Droves, Blackberry Surpassed

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Cisco Combines Cloud And Managed Services Partner Programs

Toshiba Adds 4TB Models to MG Series of Enterprise HDDs

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