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Biscom Verosync Update Adds Analytics To File Sharing Platform

By - Source: Biscom

Biscom announced an upgrade to Verosync, its sync and share software. The latest upgrade introduces an analytics platform, which incorporates a dashboard to give IT staff a visualization of the system data being shared and accessed by users in the organization.

Biscom Verosync is available for Windows and Mac desktops, and it also has mobile clients for iOS and Android. Aside from those dedicated applications, the service is available through web browsers, so if you're attempting access from, for example, an Ubuntu desktop or a Windows Phone, the service is available.

The analytics platform that Biscom Verosync is now incorporating looks at several properties of shared files. User activity, storage capacity, data transfer activity and individual file transfers are all reported back to administrators. 

Just having this insight into the sharing can be revelatory for an organization. In addition to having the dashboard report on issues with a file or confirmation that the intended recipients were able to receive it, the dashboard can be an important tool in identifying how employees are using file sharing, and just what is being shared. 

For industries with the heavy burden of operating under strict compliance regulations, having a vision into possible breaches and improprieties before they become a standard operating procedure can save you from failing an audit. Especially in industries like banking and healthcare, turning a blind eye to how employees are sharing data is just delaying the inevitable.

"IT leaders want to give their business access to the best tools, but are also accountable for security," said Bill Ho, CEO of Biscom, "With Verosync, you achieve both. The simplicity of sync and share their employees want, with the visualization and control they need to keep company information and data safe."

Biscom Verosync is available now and can be deployed on-premises or in a private cloud. A free trial is available and can be installed onto existing infrastructure for a full evaluation.