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BlackBerry BES10 Available as a Partner Hosted EMM Solution

By - Source: BlackBerry Limited

BlackBerry Limited announced this week that third-party partners across the globe are now offering BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (BES10) as a hosted service. Customers can now utilize BlackBerry's secure network while allowing one of these partners to manage the customer's IT environment, including iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices. Read: Mobile Device Management: Comparison Guide

"BlackBerry's BES10 Hosted is focused on providing more choices and flexibility in how enterprise customers can manage their mobile environments," said John Sims, President of Enterprise Services at BlackBerry. "We're working closely with our hosting partners to deliver best-in-class managed services to customers in a way that meets their unique business needs without compromising on security, reliability and cost-efficiency."

The BlackBerry enterprise mobility management (EMM) offering will provide a self-service portal for easy device management and authentication, according to the company. Support will be provided by the hosting partners, and backed by BlackBerry Limited's technical support.

This hosted service will provide a unified console for managing existing BlackBerry OS devices along with Android, iOS and BlackBerry 10 devices. There's also container options for all supported devices, such as Secure Work Space for iOS and Android, and the native built-in BlackBerry Balance for BlackBerry 10 devices. Application management capabilities include distributing custom apps, public apps, and ensuring device compliance. 

"BES10 Hosted is a scalable solution that can be leveraged by small businesses to global enterprises alike," states the press release. "Hosting partners will also be able to offer silver and gold tiers of BES10 to meet the security, device and application management needs of their customers."

Currently, only two third-party partners are offering the hosted service in North America, including isec7 and Exchange My Mail In.c. Pricing will vary for BES10 Hosted service depending on the vendor.

Update 7.25.2014:  Exchange My Mail, Inc. told Tom's IT Pro that their pricing for BES10 Hosted starts at $6 per user, per month, but varies based on volume.

BES10 pricing through BlackBerry (for licenses, not the BES10 Hosted service) starts at $19 per device annually, and costs $4 for a full year of support. For iOS and Android devices, expect to pay $60 per device annually, and $12 for a year of support. BES10 license details can be found here.

For more information about BES10 Hosted, head here. BlackBerry's Business blog also talks about the new Hosted service, which can be accessed here.