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BlackBerry Introduces Cloud-Based Internet Of Things Platform

By - Source: BlackBerry

BlackBerry Limited announced the BlackBerry Internet of Things (IoT) platform today at the CES conference in Las Vegas. The platform combines the embedded systems technology of QNX Software Systems with BlackBerry's network infrastructure and device lifecycle management software.

"The BlackBerry IoT Platform blends the technologies that have enabled BlackBerry to become a leader in both the mobile data security and embedded systems industries," said Matt Hoffman, VP of Strategy and Marketing for BlackBerry Technology Solutions. "By combining the BlackBerry global network and device lifecycle management proficiency with the embedded software experience of QNX, we have built a modular, cloud-based platform that gives customers the chance to build IoT applications in a secure, efficient and scalable way."

The BlackBerry IoT Platform's messaging system forms a secure, high performance backbone, providing indexing and storage with integrated tools for analyzing and visualizing data. The data analysis tools can be used to create custom dashboards. The new platform routs all actions, messages, and data objects through a permissions manager for validation. A web-based administrative interface can be used to manage all permissions.

Additionally, BlackBerry's IoT Platform uses a highly distributed storage infrastructure, which provides high performance and redundancy. Indexing is performed instantaneously allowing for historical and up-to-the-minute trend analysis. Device lifecycle management provides over the air (OTA) software updates, application enablement, and log collection to extend the life of devices in the field and to facilitate deployment.

BlackBerry is initially targeting the shipping and automotive sectors with its new IoT platform. The BlackBerry IoT Platform system is ideal for collecting and managing data between automobiles and a customer's back-end systems. A QNX equipped vehicle can transfer software logs and fault reports back to a company's backend system to enhance service delivery.

BlackBerry seeks to extend its IoT platform to the smart energy and healthcare sectors in the future.