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BlueData Announces Docker Container Support In EPIC

By - Source: BlueData

BlueData, maker of big data infrastructure software EPIC, announced support for Docker containers. EPIC was already capable of spinning up Hadoop and Spark platforms in a virtualized environment. With the new version, BlueData EPIC Lite, additional support for Docker containers will allow organizations to rapidly deploy big data infrastructure.

Hadoop is a framework for processing large data sets across distributed clusters. By using Hadoop, you can scale from one to thousands of servers, each one storing and processing data locally. By scaling data analysis across multiple servers, you prevent the loss of any one section of hardware from disrupting the overall service. Apache Spark speeds up big data processing with a compute engine designed for fast and simple programming. Programs that run in Spark can run up to 100x faster than on Hadoop. 

All of the big data infrastructure can be a burden for IT to deploy. With BlueData's support of Docker, it's going to be much easier for enterprises to bring on big data analytics into their organizations. 

"BlueData is pioneering the use of virtualization and container technology for big data infrastructure in the enterprise," said Doug Fisher, vice president and general manager of Intel Software and Services Group. "With its support for containers, we believe BlueData can enable even greater simplicity and agility in a virtualized environment while delivering the security and performance that enterprise IT organizations require for their Big Data deployments." 

For those not yet familiar with containers, they are the next stage in the evolution of virtualization. Instead of having a host running one or more virtual machines, you have a host running one or more containers. If that sounds exactly the same, it's not. The magic of containers is that they can run other containers, which means you can run one or more application containers on an OS container. By nesting the containers in this fashion, you can have hundreds of virtualized applications, each thinking it's the only application installed on a shared operating system container.

"Container technology is disrupting the IT market, and Docker is seeing rapid adoption in the enterprise," said Kumar Sreekanti, co-founder and CEO of BlueData. "There are now thousands of applications running on Docker, but until today there were only a few applications supporting containers for Big Data analytics. Together with Docker, we're disrupting the Big Data market and delivering the simplicity of lightweight virtualization to enterprises deploying Hadoop or Spark on-premises." 

If you can't wait to get BlueData running in Docker, you can go pick up BlueData EPIC Lite today; both Docker and EPIC Lite can be run on a laptop, so you can get familiar with both. EPIC Lite can also run as a hosted application in Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) if you prefer.

Docker support in BlueData EPIC won't be available until later this year.