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BMC Updates TrueSight For OpenStack Private And Hybrid Clouds

By - Source: BMC Software

BMC Software is taking its TrueSight Capacity Optimization tool to the next level with the 10.0 release by integrating the visibility of future demands and extending capabilities to OpenStack private and hybrid cloud environments. With version 10, TrueSight offers more than just real-time capacity optimization; the solution is capable of proactive forecasting (or "futurecasting," as Mati Pitkanen, Sr. Director of Solution Marketing at BMC called it), to understand what the future capacity demands will be for current and upcoming projects.

This allows IT to become a business partner, a service provider and a broker, enabling business agility, Pitkanen added. It helps reduce IT costs by circumventing over-provisioning and providing better operational efficiency. It also helps minimize business risks, as capacity can be optimized to meet current and future demands.

New features in TrueSight 10.0 include reservation analytics, which allows IT to accurately plan for provisioning and deprovisioning of resources, and cloud capacity management, an integrated demand and capacity management for upcoming projects and visibility of future demands.

"Cloud is a big driver for this capability," Giuseppe Nardiello, Sr. Manager of Product Management at BMC told Tom's It Pro in an interview. "And TrueSight is the only solution that provides full-stack capacity and cost visibility for OpenStack clouds. It allows you to see what's required to execute on future projects."

TrueSight is able to offer the same level of service for OpenStack private and hybrid cloud environments through a "connector" that collects data at the system level, according to Nardiello. The tool allows IT to achieve visibility at the cloud level, VM level and single workload level.

"IT can now expertly manage capacity across all compute environments -- physical, virtual, and cloud, including data center resources like storage, network and database," the release notes stated.

TrueSight 10.0 is also capable of integrating with other cloud platforms through a set of APIs; the OpenStack connector is unique, because it's pre-built and integrated into the platform. Nardiello noted that BMC is working on adding more pre-built cloud integrations to TrueSightin the near future.

"With the addition of OpenStack cloud support, BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization extends its support for physical and virtual environments and provides a level of overall visibility that allows enterprises to cost effectively leverage cloud resources and tie recommendations directly to business outcomes," said Tim Grieser, program VP of Enterprise Systems Management Software at IDC. 

BMC's TrueSight Capacity Optimization 10.0 will be generally available on December 19, 2014. For more information visit