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Breqwatr Announces Private Cloud Appliance Version 2.0

By - Source: Breqwatr


Breqwatr announced the availability of version 2.0 of its Breqwatr Private Cloud Appliance.

Breqwatr (pronounced "Breakwater") was born from the need to simplify the process of bringing customers cloud services. Before founding Breqwatr, CEO John Kadianos was building Hyper Technologies, a cloud consultancy which he also founded. Kadianos knew that he had an opportunity to improve cloud provisioning for his customers, and Breqwatr was created to bring the components to market with the goal of reducing the time to get a private cloud up and running from four months down to four weeks.

Breqwatr Private Cloud Appliance.  Source: BreqwatrBreqwatr Private Cloud Appliance. Source: BreqwatrOnce the vision of the Breqwatr appliance was realized, the private cloud in a box reduced the provisioning time even more than Kadianos originally hoped; he could now bring in the hardware and have a private cloud running in a matter of hours for his clients. 

Now completely separate from Hyper Technologies, Breqwatr is ready with version two of its turnkey private cloud solution and has a new distribution deal with Arrow Electronics to distribute the hardware solutions throughout North America.

The Breqwatr Private Cloud Appliance is a 4-node OpenStack cluster that includes an administrative interface that connects administrators with both on-premises and cloud resources. Hardware in the appliance is respectable, packing 24 TB of solid-state storage, 1 TB of RAM, and 8 processors capable of provisioning 160 logical cores into the device. Support is included with the hardware, which is rented through a monthly subscription.

"With the Breqwatr Cloud Appliance, we are removing the guesswork and helping enterprises realize the quickest time to value available for private cloud today," said Kadianos. "We're committed to making OpenStack more accessible and therefore have kept user experience at the forefront of our design principles. With this product, we're bringing the value of public cloud computing into the comfort and security of one's own datacenter."

The user experience is one of the key features of Breqwatr. While public clouds can provide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with a user interface that is easy to grasp, enterprises looking to create a Private Cloud have fewer resources. Turning the compute, storage, and network resources into something that can be abstracted and provisioned through software is something that many companies don't have the resources to do.

Bringing on staff that have private cloud expertise can be expensive, and the compute resources can also be expensive. Breqwatr devices are not cheap, but they provide value for their customers by offering a consistent administrative interface, plus all of the resources needed in an easy to use and scalable private cloud offering.

Breqwatr Cloud Appliance is immediately available and additional product details can be found at