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Brocade Intros VCS Gateway for VMware NSX

By - Source: Brocade

Last week during VMware's annual VMworld conference, Brocade introduced a new network virtualization gateway based on its VCS Fabric technology and VMware's NSX network virtualization platform. This new VCS Gateway solution, slated for a Q4 2013 release, will enable customers to bridge logical networks with physical resources to provide a unified data center architecture.

"Server virtualization adoption continues at a rapid pace. However, the majority of workloads, storage devices and network services remain in the physical environment," the company said. "As customers look to deploy the VMware NSX network virtualization platform, they must be able connect the virtual network with the physical assets in the data center."

The Brocade VCS Gateway for VMware NSX provides a scalable, multitenant virtualization environment on the company's Brocade VDX switch family running on VCS Fabric tech. The solution can be deployed as a single switch, or as a highly resilient fabric of switches -- creating one logical switch -- for better performance and availability.

The VCS Gateway features integrated VXLAN support within the Brocade VDX custom ASIC for high-level gateway performance. The new solution also converts tunnel connections into IP connections for bare metal servers running non-virtualized applications, physical storage devices or specialized hardware running network services.

"Today's introduction of the Brocade VCS Gateway for VMware NSX advances the capabilities of our VCS Fabric technology by unifying physical and virtualized resources within the data center," said Jason Nolet, vice president, Data Center Networking, at Brocade. "The Brocade VCS Gateway for VMware NSX provides our joint customers with an essential element for ensuring consistent and seamless connectivity between virtualized workloads and physical resources within the data center."

With this new solution, companies can extend a virtualized server environment to support VM mobility (DR, HA, FT), mixed workloads, and I/O and security SLAs. The platform is a scale-as-you-grow system, providing maximum value through rapid ROI and lower ownership costs. VCS Gateway supports higher consolidation with lower risk, and has a proven interoperability through standards-based integration and certification testing, the company said.

"Our collaboration with Brocade has resulted in an integrated solution that can deliver an agile, scalable network infrastructure," said Hatem Naguib, vice president, cloud networking and security, at VMware. "Brocade and VMware are helping customers integrate physical and virtual networks that can be viewed and managed as a single unified infrastructure. This will help customers radically simplify IT through a new network operations model."

For more information about the new Brocade VCS Gateway for VMWare NSX, a solution brief in PDF format can be downloaded here. For pricing information, contact Brocade here.

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